Friday, January 4, 2013

Baltimore Tour

We started out our day in Baltimore yesterday with a visit to Ft. McHenry. It was cold outside, but we enjoyed the visitors center, despite the fact that the movie wasn't working and we had to watch it on a small TV.

We had lunch at the Lexington Market to get the full Baltimore experience. Note to self: Find a friend to share lunch with next time. It was way too much food!

We stopped by the Walters Art Museum for a few hours. The Dutch rooms are so beautiful.

John found his long lost twin among the Greek Statues. He pointed out that Greeks were all about physical perfection. Hmmm....

Later, we dropped Abby off at Penn Station so she could catch the train to DC. We got home in time for handbell choir, which Brittany and Amanda were able to attend with me as substitutes  We have one more day together. Maybe we'll do nothing at all!

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