Monday, January 21, 2013

The Sloppy Perfectionist

What's wrong with my new necklace? It took me two days to notice. I'm a haphazard perfectionist. I never considered myself a perfectionist because of my slap-dash way of throwing things together. But, occasionally I have been accused of being too picky about details. I have been surprised by this accusation. I am not a perfectionist!

But, on the other hand, can I continue to wear my new necklace after I found out two of the beads don't match? The third and forth turquoise beads down on the right hand side are flat!  The rest are round! You'd think I might have noticed it when I made the necklace! Now, I realize nobody will really notice it, as nobody really stares at your jewelry that closely, but I feel obligated to fix it now because I know it is wrong. But I am not a perfectionist! A true perfectionist would have done it right the first time!

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