Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve

We were fortunate to have my niece Abby come all the way from Colorado just in time to celebrate the New Year with us! She was fortunate to get here in time to help us get ready for our game night extravaganza!

Abby brought some pretty good Foosball skills with her, propelling her right into the finals with Amanda.
In a strange twist of events, Amanda, despite being only able to walk on one leg, won Foosball, pool (defeating John) and also placed well in ping pong!
Amy came out victorious after playing Zack in an exciting Mario Cart finals.

Amy also did well in ping pong, finally succumbing to Ross's spin ball, coupled with years of experience.

Celeste defeated Cory in the every popular game of pure luck, Dead Man's Dice.

Suzanne and Ify had perfected the star toss by the end of the evening, with Suzanne withstanding the pressure of the finals to take it all!

And in the ultimate game of skill, determination and concentration, Ants in the Pants, John defeated Zack as the hushed crowd watched in awe.

As midnight rolled around we stopped to celebrate with the rest of the East Coast as the ball dropped in Times Square. By the time we went to bed after 2 a.m. we had two thoughts: "Can you Believe it's 2013?" and "I never want to stay up this late again!"

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  1. So fun! I miss the Bush New Year's Eve party!! Happy New Year!