Friday, January 11, 2013

Horses and Hounds

It's nice to be back to normal after a hectic (but very fun) holidays.  I've been helping out with the horses the past few days. Here I am letting Bali in for dinner. She hates having her picture taken, but she likes her oats enough that she just put up with it till I opened the gate.

Suzanne and I walked the dogs in the morning three days this week. I was super excited because we finally found the "northwest passage." It is a way out of the woods by the cemetery so we don't have to retrace our steps on the way back home. I've been looking for it for months now. Hopefully, we'll be able to use it even in the spring and summer when the vegetation fills in again.

I took a video of Harper and Coda running in the woods. I've been keeping Coda on leash most of the time, as she has a bad habit of chasing a random deer when I least expect it. It is fun watching the dogs run. Harper, for one is like the Energizer bunny. It seems unlikely that she'll ever slow down.

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