Sunday, January 13, 2013

Big Game

We watched the Broncos/Ravens game yesterday. We felt like it was a win/win situation for us. We're Ravens fans, but haven't stopped being Bronco fans despite our 3 years (almost)  in Maryland.

With the score tied 28-28 at halftime, it seemed like our teams both loved us. We took a break to celebrate Amanda's birthday with some leftover birthday cake! Coda did NOT get a piece, although it looks like she wants one.

Miss Carol took a great risk in watching the game with us. We told her if things looked bad for the Ravens we were going upstairs to change into our Broncos gear. Fortunately for her, that never happened. The Ravens will live to play another play-off game! And I will get to wear my team sweat shirt again next week!


  1. The only GOOD thing about THAT day was all the goodies we ate! Good thing we got 'em in since there won't be the Superbowl to watch them in! Let me tell you Denver was depressed for at least 2 days around here, you would have thought it was the day after the election all over again...