Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Necklace Holder

I love necklaces, and have a lot of them. I have a nice jewelry box (seen to the left under the lamp) where I store them. The sides of the jewelry box swing open to reveal 2 rows of five hooks on each side. This is nice, but it is dark and hard to see the necklace when I'm getting dressed in the morning. I needed more storage, and came up with an new idea for easier access without looking messy.

I bought two 16 x 20 inch shadow boxes at Hobby lobby. They have glass doors with magnetic closures. I put a matted picture in the glass, and screwed hooks inside.

Voila! More necklace storage space! I put a row of 10 hooks in the middle and one row of 9 hooks on the top. That way they are staggered and the top necklaces can hang lower without covering the hooks below them. Ed put a little bead on the door to help open the door and mounted the boxes firmly on the wall so they won't wiggle when the door is open. I'm feeling pretty clever today!


  1. Is this a surface that needs to be painted? I have almost completed a couple of animals (eagle and a buffalo) in my water coloring class and next month was we will be doing people. Starting Saturday I am taking an beginning acrylic class. Let me know if Crystal and Barbara would like to join me. Class is $40 for four weeks. Saturday we are doing a bunny