Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Since we moved to Maryland Ed has been encroaching on my kitchen space. He found some loosely inhabited shelves and started putting hammers and nails in them. It has gotten out of control and I decided rather than call it 'encroachment' I should look at is as "sharing." There are plenty of shelves to go around, and since most of the things he does with these tools are for me or for the house in general, it seems good to encourage that by granting of official space. So, he now has a couple of shelves and a drawer and a half to call his own.

In addition to sorting all the loose nails, screws and other hardware, I also made a little drawer with compartments just for pliers, wire cutters and screwdrivers. I cut a few wood dividers that I jammed in with post-it note shims to give order to the drawer.

Ed is so good about fixing things immediately, that I have to be careful not to mention before dinner that something is broken. If I do, we will be eating a cold dinner!  So, thank you Ed for all you do, and here's a drawer especially for you!

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  1. perhaps I could paint a Baltimore Oriole on your jewelery box?