Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve

We spent the day in the basement yesterday, starting out working out some new songs.

Brittany and John and Amanda and Nolan are trying out some new four part harmony on God Moves in a Windstorm.

Crystal was happy to have some down time to play with Coda!

We cleaned up the basement in time for dinner and then the games began. We broke with tradition this year and didn't have our usual extravaganza with all our friends. The upside was that we won all the games!

Amanda won the Foosball finals, but Crystal gave her a run for her money.

Nolan won the two player reactor game. in a tense run off!

John showed Brittany no mercy in winning the Mario Cart race!

Then, Ed got going, defeating Amanda in ping pong. All those years playing ping pong with his pals on the loading dock really have paid off for him.

He was unstoppable, beating Amanda again in pool!

He didn't even have the courtesy to let his own wife win a dice game of pure chance!

We celebrated with our friends in Times Square as the clock struck midnight! Another great year comes to a close, as 2015 opens with new promises of good things to come!

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