Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ed's Happy Birthday

What do you give to the man who has everything? Dinner and a movie! Ed has been getting home so late the past few months that I thought I'd make dinner at home instead of going out.

Can you see the phone in the picture? That is Crystal, on the speaker. She joined us for the celebration.

I tried to recreate the meal I made for our first birthday together in 1981--rack of lamb and stuffed mushrooms. This time I added rosemary potatoes and baked artichoke. It turned out very well!

We enjoyed his birthday apple pie.

Then we rented The Theory of Everything and watched it in the comfort of our family room. It was even more fun than going out! If we're lucky I'll try to recreate the same meal again after our second 33 years together!


  1. You forgot to mention that I was in the picture :) Wish I could have been there

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