Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mall of America

Today we visited the number one tourist attraction in Minnesota--the Mall of America.. After hearing about it for years, it was fun to finally see what the big deal is.

It is not only a giant mall, but an amusement park, as well.

Crystal, Ed and I had fun on the Orange Streak, especially since it was tame enough that none of us got sick!

Ed had to visit the Microsoft store, since the Apple store had so many more customers and that annoyed him!

After a few hours our dogs were barking and we needed to take a break!

We recharged and refueled at the Cadillac Ranch restaurant. They had the largest house salads we've ever seen. We liked it!

I got a great new pair of rain boots in the discount racks at DSW. I'm going to be the most fashionable mucker in the barn. I can't wait till I have to care for the horses on a rainy day!

Crystal bought a game called Bang. It was like play-acting a spaghetti western. There was some shooting and intrigue involved.

Ed was the Sheriff and won the game along with his deputy, John. After we surprised him with a Happy Birthday cookie he asked if we just let him win because it was his birthday. We didn't think of that! Happily, he won because he's so smart (and really lucky)!

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