Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Timbré Bell Ensemble

Our bell choir hosted a visiting ensemble yesterday. We enjoyed an afternoon seminar on how to ring bells. It is much more complicated than you think.

We could choose from a variety of classes. Alex taught us how to correctly hold a mallet when we're whacking them on the table.

Barbara taught how to finger damp, a new technique for most of us.

We enjoyed the evening concert they gave at Springfield Presbyterian church. The were constantly changing bells, and mostly played 2 in each hand. They made it look easy!
One piece I really enjoyed was written by Marquis (in the middle), who is studying composition in college right now.

I hosted Marquis and Alex at our house last night. It was interesting talking to them about how professional bell choirs operate. (Hint: don't quit your day job!)

While they might be short on funds, they were long on passion, at it really came through at the concert!

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