Friday, June 5, 2015

From Dough to Donuts

Happy National Doughnut Day! Thanks to USA today, we found out that Glam Doll Donuts is one of the best donut shops in the USA. Happily for us, it is in Minneapolis, and so are we! We stood in line to get some donuts this morning, along with a number of other enthusiasts! It was worth the wait! Check out their menu at You will be amazed!

Our next stop was the Mill City Museum. Minneapolis was built on the strength of flour. It was fun learning the history. We watched one of the most fun and informative movies there. We all agreed it was the best museum movie ever! This was the ruins of a mill that burned down.

There was a beautiful view of the Mississippi River from the observation deck.

We strolled across the river on the beautiful pedestrian bridge, built on an old railroad track.

There was a beautiful view of St. Anthony falls from the middle of the bridge.

In lieu of lunch we stuffed our faces with Glam Doll Donuts.They were worthy of their ranking in the top ten in the nation!

We had fun posing for pictures in the reflection of this glass in the Walker Sculpture Garden.

Ed and I posed in front of the most famous piece of art, the Spoon Bridge

John raced me to the to of the observation deck. I let him win. It offered a great view of Crystal and Ed waving at us!

We found a nice man who took some pictures of us. I think this would make a great album cover for Whistling Prairie!

We had dinner at a Somali restaurant called Safari. We ate family style, so all got to try out the goat curry, as well as the chicken and steak. We gave it 5 stars!

We played some more Bang tonight. It was a lot easier now that we know the rules. We finished the first game in just 20 minutes! I never even got a turn!

Tomorrow the party is over! We return home with some happy memories and a few extra pounds. It was well worth it!

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