Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Temperance, Split Rock and Superior Shores

We stopped at Temperance River State Park this morning for a short hike. John was wearing shorts, but that was basically wishful thinking. We still haven't hit the 60's, but it was pleasant hiking weather!

The hike had it all: a river running under a bridge and through a narrow canyon...

...a river outlet into Lake Superior...

..and large rock formations!

We had fun trying to skim rocks in the Lake. Dad and John were superior at that!

After walking to the lake, we crossed the road and followed the river in the other direction.

We were rewarding with a beautiful view of Hidden Falls.

We had a nice picnic lunch before going into the lighthouse at Split Rock.

We took a step back in time and learned what it was like to be the family of a lighthouse keeper in the 30's.

Split Rock lighthouse was a good assignment for a lighthouse keeper, as it was on the mainland, but in the early days it was only accessible by water. Nowadays it is the most visited lighthouse in the US. We were glad today wasn't one of those highly visited days!

We followed the old tram path to the lake level for a better view.

We were not disappointed! It is a spectacular location at the top of a sheer cliff!

We checked into our new apartment at the Superior Shores Resort. Amanda and Nolan had been staying there, so we got a room upstairs from them!

We were very happy with the beautiful view of Lake Superior from our room.

We had a great dinner at the Rustic Inn down the road. We picked up a raspberry cream pie there with a meringue under-crust, as well as a strawberry rhubarb and blackberry peach pie at Betty's Pies. They'll just have to roll us home in a wheel barrow after this trip!

 We tried to work a little of it off in the pool, the hot tub and the sauna.

We wrapped up a very fun day playing Liar's Dice and Farkle, one of our favorite games.

We also played a guessing game to see who could name the most car logos. Ed wasn't in the running, as he put the game together. John had the highest score, getting 33 out of 46 correct. The rest of us need to go back to Auto University!

Brittany was able to identify this cute woodchuck for us.

We also saw a cute little squirrel.

Still searching for a moose....

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