Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Two Harbors and Gooseberry Falls

Our resort is just outside the cute little town of Two Harbors. Our hotel is at one of the harbors--Burlington Bay. The other is Agate Bay, where tons of taconite ore is shipped to market on a regular basis. It is a low grade iron ore and is NOT pronounced "taco night."

We started fresh this morning at Gooseberry Falls State Park.

Brittany had no problem on the short hike to Gooseberry Falls.

Amanda tested the water. It was cold, but we've felt much worse in Colorado!

The Lakeshore hike was beautiful, but steep enough that John occasionally gave Brittany a hand.

After a picnic lunch Brittany and John drove off to a viewpoint at Palisade Head, along the North Shore Highway. The rest of us went for a longer hike. It rained intermittently, but there was one point where we were all in shirtsleeves. This was a momentous occasion!

We meandered along the Goosebery River till we reached Fifth Falls. We're not sure where 4th is!

We enjoyed the view and resting up before the return hike.

The honeymooners looked great curled up in this gnarled tree along the falls.

We had a fancy dinner at the New Scenic Cafe, but saved room for dessert back at our hotel. We had some pie with our name on it in the fridge!

For lack of a firepit, we turned on the gas fireplace and sang campfire songs while it rained outside. We finished up the day with a highly contested game of Mormon Bridge our favorite card game for a  rainy day!

We'lll miss our cozy hideout when we move on to the big city tomorrow!

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