Thursday, July 30, 2015

Activity Day Girls Pool Party

We had a summer pool party for the Activity Day Girls today. We
planned it from 1 till 11, and were lucky that the first thunder clap didn't chase us out of the pool till after 1 p.m.

I stopped by and picked up Theresa and Fredika. We ended up with 17 girls at the party!

It was a good thing we had three leaders, as well as some mother's who stopped by.

Heather (with Sheila, on the right) was finally back from her summer break in Utah!

Kaylene, had a special in with Denise (left), and got permission for us to use their pool for the day!

We felt lucky to be the inaugural party on their beautiful newly re-built deck!

The leaders all got in long enough to get wet, but the girls stayed in the water as long as we would allow.

They had great fun jumping off the diving board. I caught Eliza in mid-air.

They all had a unique technique! Loryn had some wings to bolster her confidence in the deep end.

Julia even had a flip-over!

Piper had several different styles.

Paisley assured her safety by jumping into an inner tube.

Rachel was our only certified life guard. We were glad to have her with that many girls! We went through several bandages, but nothing serious.

It was nice that the Links had so many inflatable objects for the girls to enjoy!

Kaylene went beyond the call of duty and made rabbit and butterfly shaped sandwiches. It was fun chewing the ears off my egg salad sandwich bunny.

This was, sadly, my last Activity Day as a leader, but I'm glad to have the excuse to still drop in on their activities from time to time as Primary President!

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