Friday, July 3, 2015

Western Maryland Rail Trail

Ed and I drove to western Maryland to cycle on the Western Maryland Rail Trail today.

The trail is wide, tree-lined, and nicely paved all the way. For much of the way the trees form a canopy right over the pavement.

We rode 10 miles to the town of Hancock, where we turned around and rode back to the car.

We enjoyed eating some cherries and nuts at a picnic table during our rest break in Hancock. I put this picture in because I wonder who that girl is by Ed...I hardly know myself!

We learned a little about the once very busy, but now defunct, C&O canal at a historic house along the trail.

To cap off a fun morning, we stopped for lunch at the Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown, where we enjoyed some authentic German cuisine. Ed's apple strudel with vanilla cream sauce was delicious--I enjoyed my one bite of it tremendously!

This was our first long bike ride of the summer, and I am happy to report that my "sit bones" were not causing me pain this year. I tried everything last year to help with the pain. None of the articles I read suggested losing weight, but I'm wondering if that has made the difference. Who knew?

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