Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pioneer Sharing Time

We had a lot of fun in Sharing Time today at church. The theme was Pioneers, and the children chose items out of a basket and had to answer (guess) whether those items were available on the Overland Trail from Nebraska to Salt Lake City between the years of 1847 and 1869. Those were the wagon and handcart years before the railroad made it to Utah. (Cameras and bison--yes, pineapple and satellites--no.)

I took six instruments and had them guess which ones were taken on the Pioneer Trail.

Guitar, banjo, accordion, harmonica, violin and hammered dulcimer were YES.

Ukulele, sadly was not invented till 1880!

I had fun playing a few songs:

We Thank Thee, Oh, God for a Prophet--harmonica, Come, Come Ye Saints-hammered dulcimer, Praise to the Man--banjo, and How Firm a Foundation with Reagan on fiddle and me on Guitar. Thanks also to Reagan, also for taking these pictures!

Since I've only had a couple of hammered dulcimer lessons, it took several days to work up my rendition of Come, Come Ye Saints. O think it turned out nice. I hope you take time to watch the video and see my proud smile at the end!

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  1. That was awesome!! That is a cool instrument!!