Thursday, July 16, 2015

Judy and Julie in Palmyra

I met my friend and freshman roommate Julie Casuse Gagnon in Palmyra, New York today. She hasn't camped in years, but is still clever enough to help me figure out how to get the screen tent up. We're meeting halfway between her house in Maine and mine in Baltimore. Who would have guessed we'd both end up so far from the western United States?

We hadn't seen each other since graduating from college in 1976. She hasn't changed a bit. I think we look pretty good for a couple of old ladies in their 60's! I made a nice stew for dinner and we heated it up in a crockpot.

Julie brought the s'mores! They were just as good without a fire!

We went over to the Hill Cumorah pageant in the evening, where we got to mingle with the cast. The setting is pretty impressive! Much grander than it was in 1981!

We met wicked King Noah, but he was nice to us.

We enjoyed the pageant. It was a synopsis of the Book of Mormon, with fire, water and colored lights. My favorite was third Nephi, when Christ comes out of the sky. We might have to come back tomorrow night to see how they do that!

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