Friday, July 17, 2015

More Cumorah

Julie and I started bright and early this morning with a walk to the top of the Hill Cumorah.

We saw the backside of the hill from the performers point of view.

We had plenty of time to talk and reflect on life at the base of the Moroni statue. But, apparently, not enough time for me to get in the picture!

We walked around the beautiful, new Palmyra temple. Okay, not so new, as it was built in 2000. It seems like yesterday.

The sacred grove was beautiful and filled with walking paths and benches to rest on.

We visited the Smith home. The kitchen was so inviting with all the spices hanging from the ceiling. It was like they were expecting us for supper!

The Grandin Print Shop was much enlarged since Ed and I last saw it 30 years ago. They had three floors, showing exactly how the Book of Mormon was printed for the first time.

We had some really good pizza at Nimas, after which we came back to the tent to relax. Julie cracked open her mandolin and we had a good time playing some hymns and campfire songs together.

It rained pretty hard for a couple of hours, but we were happily snug in our screen tent.

It cleared up in time for a lovely evening at the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

I enjoyed finding my camera did an adequate job of night scenes. Here is King Noah lording it over his people. It was fun anticipating our favorite parts the second night. Fire and water make great theater!

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