Saturday, March 25, 2017

Alpine North Stake Humanitarian Day

Thursday I went to the Alpine North Stake Center and volunteered for their humongous humanitarian project. I enjoyed stuffing bears with Marilyn and having time to just visit!

The bears were just a fraction of the items them made, including quilts, dolls, pillows and collecting items to set up entire apartments for people. It is an amazing undertaking!

Ed stayed home and supervised the kitchen work. We had the gas put in, as well as the cabinets finished. The backsplash is finally done, as well.

Now just the oven, electrical, pendant lights, chandelier, molding, and finishing the floor,,, Not to mention the return of the cabinet maker as soon as some of the panels come in!

We stopped by after nap time to see Brittany and the girls. They really wanted to go bar stool shopping with us. We didn't find any bar stools, but we found a nice bear at RC Willeys!

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