Thursday, March 2, 2017

Brady Girls Craft Extravaganza

The Brady sisters and their mom are having their second craft extravaganza. We had one about 20 years ago, and it was so much fun we decided to do it again!

Here we are having a little fun--Judy, Annette, Barbara, Sara, Verlene, Norma and Joan. Sara is our sister-in-law, and therefore the only one who's last name is Brady now! We missed Rachel, our other sister-in-law!

We started first thing in the morning with a painting craft Verlene taught. She is the real true crafter in the family, so it was fitting we started with her.

We were thrilled with our Christmas decorations that light up! They all turned out beautiful! Can you believe she fit all these in her one small carry-on suitcase?

Then we moved on to knitting hats on round looms. I taught this since I'm the expert. I had already done three of them myself! It was a fun project, because we could pick them up in our spare time and keep working on them!

Annette is the quilting expert in our family, so she led us in the mass production of some hot pads! She brought her fancy machine with a walking foot to go through the thick layers of batting.

Barbara and Sara ably manned the cutting stations!

Mom ironed and Joan trimmed and poked out edges with the little purple "thang."

Verlene and I pinned and sewed. At one point I "caught a fish" on Verlene. We used to say that when we finished our job ahead of the one behind us. (When the person drying the dishes had no dishes to dry because the person washing or rinsing was behind.) We wondered if ANYONE besides the Brady family has ever used that phrase in that way!

We were smugly pleased with the results of our efforts!

We popped over to the Blue Lemon for dinner. They had a table big enough for all of us!

We ended the day watching Moana in the basement theater room. A fitting ending to a fun day!

More fun to come today!

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