Friday, March 17, 2017

Paul Ream Wilderness Park

Yesterday afternoon Ed and I joined Brittany and the girls at Paul Ream Wilderness Park in Provo.

Mabel really loved watching the ducks!

Ed really loved showing Mabel the ducks!

Even the little stream had ducks in it, where you could see them up close and personal!

What Wilderness park would be complete without a playset? We had fun going down the slide with Mabel.

She's a big girl now and likes climbing up the stairs by herself.

It seemed a little dangerous for such a little girl, but we went along with it, as she was so proud of herself!

 Unfortunately, going down the slide wasn't always as smooth as it might have been!

Brittany even rode down the slide with Clementine strapped to her chest!

We plumb wore ourselves out and stopped for dinner at the Black Bear Diner on the way home. It has a nice atmosphere and gigantic portions! Happily, we had enough left for lunch today!

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