Thursday, March 2, 2017

More Crafty Fun

We finished knitting our hats and thought we'd show them off this morning! We were very proud.

Look who crashed our party! My brother Jon! He heard we were going for a walk this morning, so came down from Salt Lake with Sara. It was nice he was in town today! Ed and Coda also got to walk with us!

It was fun to have them with us to take some more sisters pictures in Lambert Park. We walked for about a mile and a half, picking paths that were free of snow. This was the one activity Mom begged out of!

When we got home we did Barbara's paper craft she created with her Silhouette machine.

She did all the cutting beforehand and we just had to glue the pieces together to make little animals with treat bags.

We each made 6 really cute animals!

We had a great lunch with soup and salad.

We ended our extravaganza with Joan telling us about our great Grandfather James V of Scotland. Ed wondered how we could have fallen so low!

Mom then told us more about another great grandfather, Martin Luther. When Joan told her son we were related to him, he asked her if we were part black! It is an easy confusion to make!

The party is over and we all had such a good time that we are determined not to wait another 20 years to do it again. Annette has promised to show us how to make butter mints next time!

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