Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nature Center in Alpine

Ed and I went to a meeting this morning to talk about creating a Nature Center for the City of Alpine. We stopped by afterwards to visit the Alpine Arboretum at Peterson Park. It was developed about 10 years ago, and is mostly a park with a number of trees planted in it.

There is a derelict milking shed on the property.

There is also a lovely covered bridge and a short walking path.

Afterwards we came home and communed with nature over lunch. It was a beautiful day, marred only by a visit from a nasty wasp! (The ugly underbelly of nature!)

We've started working on developing a website for the Alpine Nature Center, as there would probably not be a physical presence in town for a long time. We're temporarily hosting it at  Maybe you'd like to visit it and give us suggestions for what you think should be on the site!

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