Thursday, March 2, 2017

Brady Crest

We had a little fun with the Brady crest yesterday. It has a picture of a hand pointing at the sun.

I made a simpler version of it out of vinyl and put it on the back of individual water bottles for our party.

Then we had fun making up mottoes to go with it.

I loved the suggestions:

Flying too near the sun.
Make hay while the sun shines
La vía del sol.
The sunny path.
Look to the light.
Follow the light. 
Follow the Son.
Choose the right.
Happy is the soul that reaches for the light.
Nourish. Inspire. Grow.
The Giver of all things.

We picked La Via del sol for its conciseness and because it sounds Italian! The real motto is "The right hand is clear." What does that even mean! Joan says it is a Scottish war cry. Keep your right hand ready to smite your enemy dead! She'll have to try it out on her trip to Scotland this year!

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