Friday, March 10, 2017


Coda took off after a herd of deer this morning halfway into our daily hike. We were very sad! We called for her and searched for 35 minutes, till we finally gave up!

When she spotted a dozen deer on the top of this ridge she took off like a thunderbolt! No amount of calling could deter her!

We were at the top of Three Mines trail, and had followed it higher than we had ever gone before. We didn't know what Coda would do, as she crossed into the second valley and was beyond the next ridge.

We came down the mountain alone, and just as we were almost home we turned around, and who was bringing up the rear? Coda! It was a miracle!

Ed loves that little dog, and shed a few tears of gratitude to find her safely back with us! She had been MIA for an hour and 15 minutes by the time we were reunited!

We were so happy that we celebrated by going out to a late lunch at Chuck-A-Rama with my mom. We did a little shopping and moved some furniture for her while we were there.

Mom always amazes us about how clever she is. She was telling us how she went to the BYU TV Roku channel to show her home evening group an episode of Relative Race, about people searching out people who share their DNA! It sounded so fun. I want to be a contestant!

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