Thursday, March 9, 2017

Snow Walk at Little Mill

I joined the hiking ladies this morning for a beautiful walk in American Fork Canyon. We parked at the Sawmill picnic area and walked in packed snow with our boots and poles up to the Little Mill campgrounds.

It was flat and pleasant, following the American Fork River. The only danger was the packed ice, which caused Kathy to take a tumble. Fortunately, she landed in the dirt, rather than on the asphalt! No harm done!

The weather was sunny and crisp. If we hadn't been in the shade the whole time we would have been hot!

Across from the Timpanogas Cave parking lot we stopped for Janis to show us the "eye of the needle." It is a hole at the top of this mountain! With Julie's binoculars we were able to see it clearly!

Apparently, this is more commonly called the "devil's eye." I found some nice pictures of it at this blog, in case you want to check it out!

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