Thursday, April 13, 2017

Danish Cousins and Cabella's

We had lunch at my mom's house yesterday and met our Danish cousins, Dorrit and Per. They found mom through family search a few years ago. Dorrit's family had joined the LDS church in the 1950's and found out much later that a great great granduncle had also joined the church and moved to Utah with his family in the 1860's. It turns out we are fourth cousins! It was fun listening to what life is like in Denmark today! That could have been us!

On the way home we met Brittany at Cabella's and watched the kids for her while she shopped for hiking shoes.

If you need to entertain kids while someone is shopping you couldn't find a better place! It's like a wildlife museum in there! It's fun because Mabel knows the names of all the traditional animals. It is a little tricky because they also have more exotic animals like musk oxen and warthogs! How many animal names must a child learn?

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