Friday, April 21, 2017

Las Vegas Weekend

Ed and I did not go to Paris, but Las Vegas felt like a foreign country, as we hadn't been here in 25 years! Boy has it changed!

We're staying at the aptly named South Point Resort. It is so far south of the main hotels on the strip that it is even south of the airport! It is notable for hosting equestrian and bowling events (both of which are going on this weekend)!

We're here to meet Ed's brother, but as we arrived a day earlier than Tom, we decided to take in the Donny and Marie Show at the Flamingo. It did not disappoint! It was fun hearing them sing, but also fun going through the stages of their singing careers with lots of video to accompany the show.

We had a really deep dish pizza at Giordano's in the Grand Bazaar. It was great eating al fresco! It's summer in Vegas!

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