Saturday, April 22, 2017

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Yesterday morning Ed and I explored Red Rock Canyon about 20 miles Northwest of Las Vegas.

We doubled our usual morning hike, by going 6 miles instead of 3. We were happy to find out we had no problem hiking that long. It wasn't until we got out of the car after driving back to town that we realized how stiff we really were!

We  chose the white rock loop and were rewarded with a view of Desert Bighorn Sheep. There is one perched on the white rock dead center in this picture.

He and his friend later sat on the rock to watch us watch them watch us.

We enjoyed the beautiful array of wildflowers in bloom. We only saw one cactus in flower, but it was a good one!

We rewarded ourselves by eating Mexican food at Toros Cantina afterwards.

We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool and waiting for Tom and

Tom and Tina, along with their friend, Hector, arrived in time for dinner at the hotel. We didn't get to eat till about 8, as all those bowlers, prospectors and quarter horse owners were quicker to the table than us! This is one happening hotel!

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