Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

We went to the Tulip Festival in Lehi yesterday, and it was just as beautiful as advertised! The setting enhanced Mabel and Calvin (her second cousin's) cuteness!

My sister Barbara said, "Did you ever imagine we would be grandmas and be able to take our grandchildren out on a beautiful day like today to enjoy the flowers." We even got mom to go with us. She walked the entire way! Not bad for 88 years old!

Although Barbara and I took posed pictures with the kids, it was Kent and Ed that spent the most time wrangling babies!

Mabel's favorite thing, bar none, was running around in circles on the bricks of the gazebo!

A close second was feeding the fish in the koi pond!

Fun, fresh air and family--a moment to take time to smell the roses (tulips).

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