Thursday, April 6, 2017

Forest Burnett Workshop

Yesterday we went to downtown Alpine to see my neighbor (Forest Burnett's) studio where he makes kinetic artwork. He started this hobby after he retired 10 years ago. His first piece was this fanciful time traveler. It is fun to watch with the gears moving and all the parts operating.

He has the benefit of a state-of-the art workshop full of machines he used in his business before retirement.

He doesn't sell his art, so he has a showroom in the studio where he displays each piece.

It was amazing! Even Mabel was captivated by everything! These little robots were a bit scary, but she even touched one.

Afterwards we stopped by their house to see how he's incorporated some of his designs into their beautiful home as well! It was a unique and fun experience for us! Thanks for the guided tour, Forest!

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