Sunday, April 23, 2017

Venice in Vegas

We went to the Venetian Hotel yesterday and had lunch at the shops on the Grand Canal. Buddy V's is a taste of New Jersey, as it is owned by the Cake Boss from Hoboken, New Jersey. Tom, Tina and Ed felt right at home!

We considered going for a Gondola ride in the Grand Canal, but at $136 per couple, we decided to save up for when we go to the REAL Venice! It was fun to watch, however, and the entire hotel was incredible!

There is such a maze of shops that we had a hard time tracking down the Honolulu Cookie company, which Tom had told us all about. We were happy we found it, as we stocked up on a few cookies for our ride home last night.

Note to self: Do not weigh in the morning after a weekend in Vegas! Who knew a few hearty meals could do so much damage? Oh, well, we had a great time and enjoyed spending time with Tom and Tina!

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