Monday, April 10, 2017

Hanging with the Kids

Clementine got a new swing today, and she loves it! Hopefully, now mom can get some things done during the day without having to hold the baby all the time!

While Brittany and Ed were out getting tires for the car (and a new swing), I stayed home and rocked the baby to sleep. The cat always wants to be where the action is, and sat on my rear end!

We spent several hours with Brittany discussing website design for the Alpine Nature Center that Ed and I are helping create.

In the evening we went to the family Easter Egg hunt at the Bean Museum.

We helped Mabel make a bird out of handprints!

Ed helped her get over her reticence to go down a slide. She ended up going down the tree house slide about 30 times!

We even got to sit on the wolf outside the Museum. It reminded us of the Denver Museum of Natural History's wolves! It was fun to hear Mabel's wolf howl!

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