Saturday, September 29, 2012

Custard and Music

After the funeral we went over to Annette's beautiful, new house in St. George. It was a perfect vacation home for her family. They took the kids over to the pool.

Barbara and Verlene joined Crystal, Grandma and me for a visit to Nielsen's Frozen Custard. Notice the small empty cups on the table. We might be breaking training, but we did keep the calorie count somewhat reasonable!

We went back over to Joan's house, where Nadji showed us the authentic Indian clothes he was making for his doll. He wants to be a museum curator and set up dioramas. He's got a great start!

Joan lent us instruments so Barbara, Crystal and I could join in on their family band. She has such talented children. It was fun to play with them!

Judea, my niece the gifted film director, took a picture of the band. She has been sick for a few years, and we're hoping she'll be able to return to health soon so she can do all the many things she'd like to do!

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