Saturday, September 1, 2012

White House With Eli and Lacy

My nephew Eli and his friend Lacy came out to DC this weekend. They got us tickets for a private tour of the West Wing of the White House. Eli's cousin just happens to work there! We enjoyed meeting them for dinner and walking over to the White House afterwards. I got this nice picture of Eli and Lacy on the ellipse with the blue moon (second full moon of the month) in the background.

We had a group picture taken in Lafayette Square on the North Side of the White House.  Three of these people got to go on the tour. Ed and I did not.

We were left out in the cold. (Or in this case, the hot, muggy night!) I had mixed up our birthdays on the form I had sent in, giving Ed mine and me his. They wouldn't let us in! I felt like one of the foolish virgins in the Bible, who didn't have any oil in her lamp, getting left out of the wedding. But, in this case I dragged poor Ed down with me! I was glad Amanda, Eli and Lacy got to go in. Ed and I had our own a private tour of the West Wing 31 years ago, when my close friend from the Reagan campaign took us through. I wonder if it's changed!


  1. What a bummer!!! I have written mine name several times on things when I was supposed to write one of my kids names! :/ Guess it wasn't as bad consequence as yours. So sorry!

  2. I guess the Obama's were not at home, as they would have been in Charlotte.

    I saw that Governor O'Malley was one of the speakers at the Democratic convention last night(along with Ken Salozar).

    You seem to keep so busy!