Monday, September 24, 2012

Crab Fest at Virginia's

On Sunday afternoon we were invited to a crab fest at our neighbor, Virginia's house. It was fun to meet her children, grandchildren and friends. She is a very interesting woman, who has sky dived, hang glided, and hot air ballooned. She tries to think up some risky behavior for her big birthdays. She wants to drive a  car for her 90th birthday, which is really risky, considering she is legally blind!

They moved the party to the garage, as it was a little breezy on the porch. It is finally starting to feel like autumn. The men enjoyed having the football game on during the crab eating. Virginia is lucky to have two sons and a daughter, all living close by. She is also fortunate to have good friends that take her shopping and help her out when she needs it. We are fortunate to have her for a neighbor!

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