Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kayaking at Liberty reservoir

The sun came out long enough for us to run over to the reservoir and take our kayak out yesterday. This time Ed sat in the back, where he happily found he had greater control over the direction of the boat. My job was to paddle mindlessly. That worked well, except for the occasional bout of steering wanderlust that took hold of me.

We were amazed to see a bald eagle leave the shore near us and fly right in front of us. It would have been more amazing if I had actually taken this picture! I was still fumbling for my camera long after it was gone. But, had I taken a picture, this is exactly what it would have looked like!

We also saw a blue heron very close up.

While the paddling was good exercise, occasionally we looked at the fishermen in their electric boats and wondered if that wouldn't also be a nice way to see the reservoir! It is so large that it would take us forever to see it all in a kayak!

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  1. I remember your mother as being quite the paddler as well. :)