Saturday, September 15, 2012

Before and After

Yesterday we found out one of our neighbors was a painter, so we asked him to paint a few things around the house. He said, sure, how about tomorrow morning! So, he spent several hours this morning painting. Here is the before picture.

Here is an after picture. You get 10 points if you can tell what is different!

If you guessed the color of the columns, you would be right. Ed has long wanted to paint them to match the window trim, and the fence above the front door. It accents them a little nicer than the brown trim color.

Felipe also painted a few walls in the family room and the kitchen. I'd been meaning to paint them gold to match the kitchen, but never got around to it. While Felipe painted, I cleaned 5 bathrooms and vacuumed. Ed trimmed around the yard. We're all ready for our company that will be arriving Monday!


  1. I couldn't tell until you pointed 'em out, but it does look nicer.

  2. I get the 10 pts :)-- Although I didn't spot the interior paint.