Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Festival

The Eldersburg Ward Fall Festival was a complete success, despite some inclement weather. There was a lot of very tasty chili. I forgot to take the macaroni and cheese for the kids, but, hopefully they were able to fill up on pie to make up for it.

Two small rain showers passed over during the party, neither of which was big enough to chase people off. The fact that it was sunny during the rain, as well as the rainbow behind us, gave us hope that we would be able to keep partying. The satellite weather radar even showed one big cell pass over and split open in the center right over the Weatherbee's house! It was a miracle!

The Pearl Strings played several songs, to a very enthusiastic crowd, generously supported by members of the Black Eyed Susans. Sorry that Barb, our bass player, got cut off in the video! If any blog followers have a picture of the entire band I would love it!

The tuba/accordion number was a big hit, as well as the contra dancing Amanda led afterwards. We ended up the evening with the beautiful Lover's Waltz. By 10 p.m. the equipment was back in our home, the hay back in the barn, and an exhausted Ed and Judy were in bed!

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