Friday, September 21, 2012

Band and Dam

Wednesday was band practice leading up to our big gig on Saturday at the ward Fall Festival. We had an audience of two--Kate (in front) and Grandma, behind the camera. They were both very appreciative! We are playing a lot of our music from the spring, and are happy that we haven't lost it! It is so nice to have a repertoire to draw from. Our one additional member is Jen, (in the hot pink). We're so happy she joined. She's another member with a golden voice!

Annette and Kent went to Harper's Ferry for the day, so I took Grandma over to Liberty dam for the afternoon. We went for a nice walk down a gentle path followed by a climb up about 100 steps! I was proud of Grandma still being able to do that!!

After dinner Annette, Kent and Grandma practiced bells with me. We went through several of the songs for my choir. It was fun and they did great. If we only lived closer we could have our own family bell choir!

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  1. I hope all goes well for your gig on Saturday. I will be taking a watercolor workshop (pigeons) while you are plating. Looks like you are keeping everyone entertained.