Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nuttall Day

After returning from St. George yesterday, we went over to Brittany and John's house.

Their new apartment is much more comfortable than their old one. It's nice to see the attractive way they have fixed it up.

Even the cats have settled in nicely. Skimbleshanks looked so cute in the little bow tie Crystal crocheted for him.

John's parents, who returned from their two year mission to Camaroon last week, invited us to dinner. His mom looks so tiny in their gigantic kitchen. But, she cooks a mean polenta! We enjoyed the meal as much as the company. We got a few hints on what to see if we go to China next summer.

John's brother Tim and his family were also there. He's been marshalling his parents around all week helping them get re-settled and making them update all their electronic devices. Life was much simpler in Africa!

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