Friday, September 28, 2012

Curds, Kids and Kin

I forgot how good (and squeaky) fresh cheese curds were till we stopped at the cheese factory in Beaver on the way to St. George yesterday! We debated over whether to stop for Dairy Queen or fresh cheese. When we found out a small blizzard was 600 calories, we opted for the cheese. Five Ritz crackers was 80 calories, and 8 cheese curds was 120. It was a far better deal than ice cream.

We met at a park for dinner with some of my siblings as well as Annette's family. Annette has had the most incredible community support through this trial. Her hair dresser drove 3 1/2 hours yesterday just to do Annette's hair today. She didn't tell her she was coming--she just knew she was needed and showed up!

My brother Jon's daughters didn't really want their pictures taken, but I think they're pretty cute, anyway! I'm sad to say they are my mother's favorite grandchildren at the moment. You just can't compete with cute!

We stopped by at my sister, Joan's, house to see her new organ. It has full foot pedals and plays any number of organ types through a computer. Joan's house was bursting with guitars, accodions, violins, etc. She has (I know this is hard to believe) WAY more musical instruments than I own! And between her and her seven children, they give them a good workout!

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