Thursday, November 21, 2013

A day with Brittany and John

Brittany took me up to the BYU museum today. It's having a new wing added to it, so it's closed, but it's a pretty great museum, and the new wing is absolutely beautiful. Brittany worked there in her undergraduate years, and now picks up all her specimens there for the mammals class.

We picked up John from school and went over to Kohl's where we were able to spend the Kohl's cash that Ed and I earned last week. Sometimes I wonder how Kohls makes any money, we got 6 items for $40 after all our discounts!

We then went to the Provo temple and attended a session. We enjoyed the new movie very much. Grandma let me borrow her white dress, which I also liked very much. I hope she leaves it to me in her will!

We ended the evening by picking up a pie at Village Inn and taking it to Grandma's house. Nothing like a slice of chocolate caramel cream supreme and a glass of milk before bed!


  1. Fun Stuff!!! Need to spend my kohl's cash. Miss Village Inn! Looks like you're having a blast out there!