Monday, November 18, 2013

Activity Day Puppet Shows

Last night was the big night for our Activity Day girls--the day we performed our puppet shows for our families. It went terrific, and I was so proud of them. We had microphones behind the curtains, and even the girls who had not been able to practice with the mics really spoke directly into them, and we could understand every word.

The younger brothers and sisters were a great audience and really got the humor they put into it!

Some of the girls chose animal characters, and some chose people puppets. Some puppet shows had a combination of both--as did the girls with the kangaroo brother.

The five shows each had a moral point, such as obedience, courage, honesty, cheerfulness and kindness. They were:

Duck Learns to Obey                       
Bunnies Go to Church                      
The Twins’ Messy Room                 
The Grumpy Prairie Dog                 
Kindness Tames the Wolf 

The shows were written entirely by the girls. It was fun watching them improvise a little at the shows as they realized the audience was with them! It gave me an opportunity to know hidden talents in each of the girls.

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  1. The kids all had a great time, as did the parents. Thanks, Judy!