Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's Curtains, Cuisine and Computers

Mom had a few things she wanted to get done while I am here. One was washing the curtains in the living room. Getting them down was easy, but getting them to hang just right after they were washed was a pain in the rear!

I was impressed with the system Mom had thought up for the sheers. She made a gathered set of curtains and velcroed them to a strip of wood cut to match the curve of the window. They were really easy to put back up!

To reward us for all that hard work in the morning we went out to lunch at Kneaders with Mom's friends, Julie and Megan. I had a delicious cranberry turkey croissant sandwich. I feel bad that I can't try everything on the menu in one visit.

In the evening we went to a meeting of the Family History Consultants and learned how to remotely help others. We also learned how to upload pictures to Family Search. A lot of my relatives have been busy doing just that, and I was able to download a photo of my great grandfather Franklin Christensen, (tallest one in back row), with his siblings and parents, Mads and Sophie. It is a great day to be alive! I love the internet.

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