Saturday, November 23, 2013

Museum Visit with the Nuttalls

John's parents invited us to lunch and to go to the new Bloch exhibit at the art museum at BYU. It is always fun to eat at their house, as they are such creative and fun cooks. As if Marti's minestrone soup wasn't enough, they also had panini sandwiches for us, which Ellis cooked for us.

The art exhibit, entitled "Sacred Gifts featured art by two Danish Painters, Bloch and Schwarz and Hoffman from Germany. The pieces are on loan from the churches and castles in Europe, and were beautifully displayed. Many of them were taken right off the altarpiece where they have been for a hundred years.

Brittany and John took me over to see their new rec Center in Provo. It was SO beautiful! It seriously made me want to move to Provo, especially when I saw they had 6 racquetball courts! It also had a number of great pools, weight machines, and an indoor running track.

In the evening I helped Brittany put together her arrangement of Joy to the World for our family band to record in December. It was fun teaching her how to use Finale.

John began a very long project to rebuild an accordion. It was interesting that the reeds are held in place with beeswax! There must be hundreds of reeds in the accordion, but the leathers on the 4 he finished tonight look nice and flat. It's a great start to a very long project.

Brittany brought me back to Grandma's and we stayed up way too late talking. We loved it!

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  1. I wanna see the art exhibit. It seems artist have their own picking order and artist who paint alter pieces are at the top of the painting hierarchy. Guess I will have to console myself with the exhibition at art museum here (painters of Paris).