Monday, November 11, 2013

A Sunday in the Life

I thought it might be fun to document a typical Sunday for us. This one started untypically, as Ed and I drove to church together (in the same car)! He usually has Sunday meetings before church and goes early.

I played the organ for Sacrament meeting, as I do in monthly rotations, every third month. November is my month. We had easy songs today, as we had the Primary program and the congregation sang Primary songs. I like that! My favorite part of the Primary program was the teachers and children singing a duet on A Child's Prayer. It made me cry. We also had a great Sunday School lesson on revelation and Declaration Two of the D&C (which extends the priesthood to all worthy males). It has a new preface that came about as a result of the research on the Joseph Smith papers.

I substituted in Relief Society for the pianist, who had a baby a few weeks ago. My friend, Ify,was the chorister.

Ed and I both stayed for choir after church. We practiced a few Christmas songs as well as Simple Gifts for Thanksgiving.

We finally had time for lunch about 2:30 p.m. We had chicken in salsa on rice with broccoli and fruit salad.

After lunch David and Brigham, our home teachers, came over and visited with us. We had a few good laughs, and then Brigham gave us a lesson about dihydrogen monoxide, which turned out to be plain old water water. The point was you need knowledge (the scriptures) to recognize things around you. 

I prepared and sent out a Relief Society Newsletter. I had to draw a picture of Mataya in Photoshop to include with her article on what she has learned through Relief Society. 

Then, we hunkered down with the crossword puzzle and a serving of lava cake that I whipped together. We did the NY Times Sunday puzzle in one hour, but sadly had a few mistakes. We missed three letters!

We ended the day watching the first two episodes of Call the Midwife on Netflix, which we totally enjoyed. We decided we couldn't stomach any more of the now very tedious Once Upon a Time, which we used to enjoy on Sunday nights . While we watched TV we replaced the spiral binders on all our caroling books. The original coils were too small and the pages wouldn't open. Ed crimped and I coiled.

And that was our Sunday.  There was nothing unusual to blog about, but there is a certain fascination for me in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. It is the ordinariness of the ordinary that makes the extraordinary extraordinary. (Something like you can't feel joy without pain.) Anyway, I like them both!

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  1. Oh, you make me jealous. You got to play for sacrament meeting and relief society. I haven't done that in years. I didn't even get to play the organ Sunday as it was stake conference. But that's ok. I sat behind another organist who didn't get to play either.