Sunday, November 24, 2013

Last Hurrah in Utah

I went to church with Mom today, and felt grateful that she attends a ward that is loving and caring. It makes it easier to leave her behind when I go home tomorrow.

Brittany and John brought a little sunshine over to Grandma's house tonight as they played and sang a little Christmas music.

The women did a little last minute crafting. I had brought the materials to make some napkin rings out of 2 inch plastic couplings.

Grandma and I did Christmas rings, and Brittany did some blue and yellow ones. I've learned a lot of things about my mother in the past year. One thing was she reads the funny papers every day. The other thing is she doesn't like crafting. I thought her napkin rings turned out very cute, despite her misgivings.

It is strange to be going home to celebrate Thanksgiving with only Ed and me in town. It was nice to get a family fix this week in Utah.

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  1. One of the gals in my Chapter does not paint, but she scrapbooks and makes jewelry. She is going to show us how to color sea glass with alcohol inks and then wrap wire around it next year. The talcum power kept the shrinky dink flat, but left a residue.