Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Cushioned Life

Who knew there was such a thing as a floor cushion? I found them on the internet, and they are the perfect thing to sit on while I'm practicing my guitar and sitting on the hearth by the fireplace. They're nice and poofy and keep my keister from getting cold while sitting on the tiles. They're so comfortable that I believe they will keep me practicing longer, as well!

While it was much easier to buy cushions ready-made, I found I had to make my own cushions to fit specific places. Coda got a new cushion for the mud room this week. It's just right for her bench. She can take a little nap on it while she waits for us to come home.

And since I was in a cushion making mood I just kept going. I made two cushions for the arch benches in the basement. They were much more difficult, complete with piping around the outside edges, but they turned out great.

I stuffed them with foam, wrapped in a layer of batting, so they are nice and full. I used a pretty upholstery fabric, and they look great, framing both sides of the couch. Come on over and have a seat!

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